Lost Words

Director, Megan Kosmoski and performer, singer/songwriter S. Michael Martin are in the process of developing the new one-person show, LOST WORDS [working title].

A woman finds a journal. The words lost in it’s pages are honest and raw, the stories are intoxicating, and each passage seems to stretch reality. Are these tales myth or real to life? Whose journal is this and should she keep reading? She has to keep reading.

She gives in to the stories. She is consumed.

Let the story take you.

A verbal and visual fusion of folkloristic influences based on text from personal journals of strangers and collaborators. Using this style of “mixed media theatre,” the production will examine the nature of storytelling — the kinds of stories we tell, why we tell them, and why we need them.

The stories featured in this production will draw a comparative thread between current and ancient stories to create a kind modern folklore. The audience may expect to hear a blending of ancient and traditional musics such as gaelic, americana, and blues with more current sounds such as house and electronica.

Workshop Production Coming.